During seven months, 150 fecal samples were collected in cats of Kingabwa and residential Limete in Kinshasa. Coprological analysis by quantitative flotation gave a crude prevalence of 14.5 %, with 20 % prevalence at Kingabwa and 8.6 % for residential Limete in terms of neighborhoods (p?0.05), 13.3 % for males and 16 % for females (p?0,05) and 16 % of cats aged one year or more and 13.3 % in those with less than a year (p?0,05). Cats play an important role in the high prevalence of human toxoplasmosis observed in Kinshasa. Veterinarians should integrate, in addition to deworming, the administration of pyriméthamine and sulfadiazine at the time of anti-rabies vaccination of cats in order to fight against feline toxoplasmosis.

Keywords: Prevalence, Toxoplasmosis, cats, Kingabwa, Limete residential, Kinshasa.