The current study has been carrried out in the park W in the communes of Malanville, Karimama and Kandi. Its overall target is to contribute to a better knowledge of bees products and by-products. The methodologic approach used is made up of documentary research, direct observations at the field, socio-economic and ethno-zoological investigations. In total, 204 persons randomly chosen have been interviewed in seven ethnic groups. Therefore, the results of the data have been processed thanks to the application of the factorial analysis of correspondences FAC, of the tests variance analysis of Kruskall Wallis and Mann Whitney. The results got show that 100% of the people investigated use the main product of bees which is honey in feeding. According to the results of the tests, there is no significant difference between the use of bees products by ethnic groups and by age group. The analysis on the first two factorial axis explains 100% of the relation between bees products and their use. This study has allowed to know that all bees products are of a good usefulness.