The concepts migrate, so does the concept of adaptation. Between biology, discipline of origin and adaptation to climate change, we place ourselves in the second, particularly in the use of the concept as well as its perception. In fact, weseek to bring new elements of disambiguation by identifyingpragmatic and enunciativesemes relevant to the situation in whichthis concept wasborn. Wedesignate by situation, a speech whichis none otherthan "the utteranceconsidered in its interactive dimension, its power of action on others, its inscription in a situation of enunciation (an enunciator, an allocution, a moment, a specific place) "(Maingueneau, 1991: 15), a discoursestemmingfrom the dynamicsgoverning the international discourse on climate change supported by the IPCC. The establishedmeaningissituational, contextual and interdiscursive.

Keywords: Adaptation – climate change - discursive semantics