This work is part of the research program supporting the ‘’ Argan Project ‘’. It is coordinated by the Agrotechnologies Association of Souss-Massa-Draa (Agrotech) in partnership with a consortium of researchers on the argan tree. The purpose of this work is to determine the favorable doses and frequencies of irrigation for a better recovery of argan plants after transplantation in three sites belonging to different agro-climatic zones; Taksbite on an ocean climate plateau, Anzad on a mountain foothill with continental climate and Tinzert with a mountain geography and climate. The results of this work showed that the dose of 16 L/plant and the frequency of one month are recommended for the Taksbite site. However, on the Anzad site, results demonstrated that the dose of 36 L/plant and both frequencies, 1 and 2 months, are recommended. Similarly, the dose of 35 L/plant and the frequency of 2 months were more efficient at the Tinzert site. Finally, this experiment revealed the existence of a great heterogeneity within argan population mainly due to its great genetic diversity and its adaptation to the agro-climatic conditions of each plantation site.

 Keywords:  Argan tree, irrigation, regeneration