A study on the impact of granivorous birds on rice yield was carried out at the Bokonzi High School of Agricultural Studies, located in the Sud-Ubangi province in Democratic Republic of Congo. The aim of the study was to evaluate the yield deficit of rice in the field, due to the birds in the study area. The results showed that the yield deficit due to the birds was 4.67 % for fields kept on surveillance and 28.3 % without surveillance (about 16.1 % of yield/ha). According of the current price of dry paddy in this area, the yield deficit of rice in value is respectively 28.3 USD and 167 USD with an average of 97.8 USD of deficit/ha. This loss of yield constitutes an important economic and social deficit for the farmers.

KEYWORDS: Oryza sativa, Granivorous birds, Surveillance, Yield, Democratic Republic of the Congo.