The microbiological quality of corn flour sold in the markets of 9 municipalities of Abidjan was evaluated in this work. 60 samples of white flour and yellow flour with potash were subjected to physicochemical and microbiological analyzes. The results showed that moisture and ash contents were widely lower than standards. The microbiological analysis showed large variations between samples. All germs of hygienic interest were found in all flours with respective maximum loads of 1.8 x 109, 1.3 x 106, 7 x 105, 1.1 x 106, 5 x 106 and 1.9 x 108 CFU/g for mesophilic aerobic germs, total coliforms, thermo-tolerant coliforms, yeasts, molds and enterococci. The evaluation of the sanitary quality of the flours revealed the presence of Salmonella in 2 samples (Koumassi and Marcory). The sulfato-reducing aerobics, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus charges were in accordance with the various microbiological criteria.

Keyword (s): Abidjan, corn flour, microbiological quality, market.