The effect of supplementation of Pennisetum purpureum (Pp) to protein concentrate (PB) on the growth performance Cavia porcellus (L. 1758) was evaluated for 2 months at the application and Research of the University of Dschang (West-Cameroon). 16 guinea-pigs with a average weight of 281 ± 42.0 g were used randomly in four treatments T0 (Pp), T1 (Pp + 16 % PB), T2 (Pp + 17 % PB) and T3 (Pp + 18 % PB). Chemical analysis showed that the different food formulations are rich in protein (16 to 18%), crude fiber (10%), metabolizable energy (2827 to 2857 Kcal/KgMS), calcium (0.95 %) and phosphorus (0.58 %). Results of the growth parameters showed that mean weights of animals increased significantly (P <0.05) between treatments. Food consumption increased with the age of animals. Guinea-pigs of the control batch T0 (8704.5 ± 0.00 g) consumed more than those of other treatments. The average daily gain varied significantly (P <0.05) between treatments. The consumption index is high for animals of the T0 batch (96.2 ± 7.80) as against 66.8 ± 35.6; 52.3 ± 14.3; 60.4 ± 22.4 respectively for batches T1, T2 and T3. The treatment T1 was the best ration.

Keywords: Cavia porcellus, growth, Pennisetum purpureum, proteins, West Cameroon.